Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 37 - Roof!!!

Sorry I have been a little slack in updating the latest.  The roof trusses were completed on Thursday

On my visit to the block on Thursday the neighbour alerted me to a little visitor in the tree next to the house

Our area is known for Koala's. We have not had any evidence of Koalas on our block and the neighbours have never seen one in the three years that they have lived there.  The block was vacant for many years and there were no Koala residents. It seems funny that when the block is cleared and the builders move in, that a Koala takes up residence.  I rung Koala Rescue as I was worried as the neighbour has a dog. They assured me that the Koala would move on after dark as it would have realised that it was not a peaceful home.  The next morning the Koala had left for a safer tree.

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