Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 43 - Doors

I have noticed that one of the things that you must take note on your plans that you receive from your builder is DOORS.  I think it is a ploy of project builders that they seem to be missing necessary doors.

We noticed that the ensuite to the 5th bedroom was missing a door

I know that the main bedroom ensuite does not have a door, but the toilet does have a door, which is essential for privacy - really who wants to see your partner going to the toilet first thing in the morning - not pleasant.

The 5th bedroom ensuite does not have a separate door on the toilet, so without a door for the ensuite you could be totally on display.  It is going to be my mum and my brother that mostly uses the 5th bedroom when they come and stay, do they really want to have little visitors when they are on the toilet - cost of this door $450.00!!!

Mat noticed last night that the pantry does not have a door either. To me this is madness. Most peoples pantry's are not the most organised all of the time and do you really want them on display. Another variation needed here, no price yet for this.

On the first floor have you noticed that there are no doors on any of the walk in robes. We realised this and have chosen not to add them. I would have liked to add them to all WIR's as I know what mine looked like when I was growing up and believe me it needed a door, but as a door would have been $350 each, multiply that by 3, adds a total of $1,050 on to the build.  I know it does not sound like much as a one off, but all these $1,050 start to add up to a large number.

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