Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 36 - Resolution

Finally there has been some resoltuion to our changes to the check plans.

We have added back in the second window in the 5th bedroom. Mat was worried about the bedroom being so dark.

I also questioned the cost of the 40mm waterfall edge on the cooktop bench.  I was charged $950.00 each for the island ones which are at least 900mm wide, but also quoted the same for the cooktop run where it is only 600mm wide.

Finally given the answer this afternoon that Rawson have an agreement with their supplier that they charge the same for waterfall edge, no matter the width.  I am happy with that answer, and have agreed with all the changes to the plans.

They are going to go back to drafting today. Hopefully this next step wont take too long - Rawson quote on their timeline of building that it takes 5 days for changes, but we are already behind their timeline already

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