Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 31 - Headaches

Yesterday was a headache. I submitted the plans back to Rawson with all the changes. All of them have come back fine apart from one.

The major headache - this window for the kitchen splashback. My dream to have a 4.7m single piece of glass, but the reality, this would not be strong enough as a single pane of glass, plus if someone ever broke it, replacing it would take a second mortgage.  So the reality was I had to make it smaller. My compromise, a 3m pane in the middle, with 2 x 85cm panes on the outside which were divided by transoms.

Yesterday, the news was not good. When the additional kitchen cupboards were added onto the plan, they go over the old alfresco which now has a steel supporting beam. As the window crossed this, we would also need a steel supporting beam for the window. 

We have already been charged $980.00 for the window (at 3m length) another $250.00 to increase it to 3.8m, but this window had 3 transoms in it.

To keep the window at 3.8m length (keep the transoms as well) and centre on the bench - which would mean going over the steel beam, meaning another beam was needed $2,600.00 (on top of the costs already charged above)

To extend the window to 4.7m (keeping the transoms every 1.0m) was $2,850.00

I was told that I couldn't have a single piece of glass at 3m and then transoms.   I stewed on this for the afternoon and at one point rung the glass splashback company to see how much a glass splashback would be and get rid of the window all together.  I spoke with Mat on his way home from work and he came up with a solution in no time.

We are going to cut the window back to 3.0m and have a solid piece of glass. We think that this is under $2,000. We will centre this on the 4.7m bench and then have glass splashback on either side of this.

The window should look like this

Or like this

Window will be larger than this one - but you get the idea

Hopefully we can get the pricing for these changes back today and then Rawson can get started revising the plans to reflect the changes.

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  1. just stumbled on your blog - your house design looks great - looking forward to your build.
    BTW i love the white kitchen/window in the second pic (prefer the cleanline of glass splashback)