Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 34 - Colour Confusion

I finally got a reply from Rawson on my changes.

The window has now been changed and is currently a 3m long window to be centred and it was $1980.00 - so an extra $750.00 which I am happy with.

The additional waterfall end for the bench that I want (taking the count to three) came back at $950.00. I am querying this price as it will only be 600mm wide, not the 900mm as for the island, so I think it should be cheaper.

This is the final change that I am going to make here. I could keep going on and making changes here and there, but Mat has put his foot down and said no to any other changes.

Colours, well I think I have changed my idea a little bit - I am ditching the Dune all together.  So I think we will be having

Woodland Grey for the roof, gutters, fascia, windows, downpipes and watertank.
Surfmist (or a really light grey) for the eaves
Caoba for the garage door - this will be matched with the front door stain.
The cladding for the first floor - Taubmans Murky Waters
Matrix feature on the front - Taubmans Abstract
We will bag/paint other parts of the house after handover and these will be - Dulux Western Myall.

So we will have a grey/brown theme.

I went and did a driveby yesterday to the house that we saw a couple of weeks ago that we liked their bricks. I pinched a brick off the site and took it to Boral and got them to match it. Luckily it was the same brick that was in Rawsons standard range.

They seem to be doing the same colours as us (it even could me monument instead) but you get the drift. Mat is happy with the colours.   The grey on the cladding is a bit darker than what we will have, so I am hoping ours will work.

This house is about 45mins drive from where we live, so I don't think I will be making the drive that often to see the progress, but it is good to see another house with the same bricks.

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