Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update on Monet

Writing that blog post on Saturday put me in a foul mood and my family felt it.  At the end of the day it is only just a house, but building a house, I feel like I have birthed a child and everything is pretty personal and so bricks aren't just bricks.

Yesterday I had a bit of a dummy spit.  I had that unpleasant phone call with the SS when I advised that the brick cleaner had not shown up again and I was beyond annoyed at it.  I listed my options, and I was quickly offered a solution to have it rectified - that day.

Yesterday afternoon I met with my SS at the house and went through all my issues with the bricks and brought up some new ones as we walked around.

The house will have another FULL brick clean.  I have had a word with the brick cleaner and told him that what he has done previously has been crap. He told me that he has been to my place four times already - well make sure the fifth time you actually clean some bricks!!!

All of the window sills on the bottom storey of the house (barr the home theatre front window sills) will be replaced.  They are rubbish and they should have been replaced as soon as they were laid.  The course of bricks under all of the sills will also be replaced as the mortar joints are either too thick or too thin

My concern with the mortar being blown out of joints.  When the house is cleaned again today there will be more mortar that is blown out.  The house will be re-pointed where it is needed.  What happens when it is re-pointed, it needs another brick clean.   So that will happen once the re-pointing goes off.

Bricklayers will be back Thursday to replace sills.

We also have an issue where the paint from the feature board at the front of the house has bled down the left hand column and the front of the house.   They have tried to paint strip it and acid clean it, but so far it is still visible.   So they are going to try again today.  If it does not come off, we have been offered moroka (bag/paint) finish to the three feature columns.  Don't know how happy I am with this.  I like my bricks and would love to not have to resort to this.

So I am happy that action has been taken so quickly.  I am happy that the issue has not been glossed over.  

Watch this space - I'll take some pictures of the bricks once they have been cleaned.

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  1. Hi Jen. Your story is amazing. What happened with the brickwork? I have nightmares of our brickwork with Rawson now. We plan on a dark/magnesium brick with a pure white mortar. Please tell me i'll be OK!