Monday, September 16, 2013

Last of the Earthworks....

Last week Mat made a call to the bobcat man hoping that he would be available Sunday to do some more work at the house.  We have a house warming/grand final BBQ in a couple of weeks and we wanted to crack on with the outside works to get ready for the influx of people that haven't seen the house.   Unfortunately he said he was not available, which put a dampener on things.

Yesterday morning we got a call from him to say that the job he had booked did not take as long as he thought and he could come around straight away if we still wanted him.  Yes Please!!! So five minutes later he was dropping off his excavator and going home to pick up the bobcat.

We wanted him to move the big piles of dirt and clay from the front of the house, take them around to the back of the house and level out the ground on the side of the house so we could continue with turfing.

This is the progress that we made yesterday.

The dirt piles dont look that big, but after over an hour of going backwards and forwards with the bobcat, it looked like not much had been moved

Over two hours of moving dirt - we now have a level pad so that we can start turfing.

The bricks have also been moved to the side of the front yard.  They are the bricks left behind by the brick layers when the replaced the window sills on the ground floor last week.  Another blog post coming up about the work that we have had done with the bricks

Where did the dirt go?

Firstly it was dumped off the edge of the house pad

It was leveled off to make a smooth slope that we can turf and mow. 

Do you know what we are doing next weekend???? 

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