Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Fridge

Yesterday we had a delivery of a new fridge.  New fridge you ask????  Why would you need a new fridge when you only just got one.

The last one, we took delivery of it on 12/07/13 - so just over two months ago.

When we first installed the fridge, as we knew it was going to be taken out again for tiling we did not connect the water.   As soon as the tiling was completed we connected the water.  The water worked, but the ice didn't.   We waited and waited but the ice didn't work.  We rung Bosch, but even with their instructions the ice didn't work.

We rung Bosch again and they sent someone out to repair it.  It turned out to be a faulty ice maker and the ice maker part would be replaced.  Then it dawned on us - replacement warranty.

Let me go back to the beginning and explain.

We purchased the above items - one fridge and three tv's from Domayne.  The fridge happened to be the display model and it was already discounted by $500.00.  The sales person when we asked about purchasing it said we could purchase a 'replacement warranty'. I have heard of an extended warranty, but not a replacement warranty.   We were told if anything goes wrong, and they mean ANYTHING, it will not be repaired, it will be replaced with the new model.  I was a little skeptical about the warranty, but it was not much, so we went for it.

Now knowing that we had a replacement warranty on the fridge we asked Bosch if it would be replaced.  They said that the replacement warranty did not kick in until after the normal manufacturers warranty.  This was not explained to us when we purchased the fridge, so we thought we had been a little jilted.

When the Bosch repair man called to say the parts had been delivered, I asked him about our replacement warranty. He asked why we were not using it, as our fridge would be replaced.   So I rung Domayne and Bosch had been telling fibs and it was indeed covered under the replacement warranty.

I called the warranty place and they advised that it could be repaired or they would replace it.  Replace please!!!  One of my main reasons for replacing was when it was delivered and we took off the energy sticker, there was a lovely dent. I didn't think I could complain as it was floor stock.

Fast forward a couple of weeks as the fridge was not in stock, but today I have taken delivery of a brand new fridge with a working ice maker and dent free!!!!

I am now a convert of this warranty.  We also purchased replacement warranties for the new TV's, so if anything goes wrong with them in the next 5 years, they will be replaced as well.

Have you ever used this type of warranty before????


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  1. Nice to know. You really are appealing to my inner nerd these days Jen!