Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turf - Weekend 1

We need a lot of turf - when I say a lot, I mean a lot, probably about 2000m2!!!  Yes I know for most people with a normal block this sounds like a silly amount, but for us, with the block being just over 4,000m2, 2000m2 of turf wont even cover half.

On the weekend we started our turfing marathon. This turfing will last for weeks as we intend to do 100m2 a week to keep the costs manageable, and to keep the watering manageable.

Earlier in the week I ordered 200m2 - I thought we would get off to a good start with a decent amount.  We always go and pick up our turf straight from the farm.  It is more cost effective that way - we save $1.00 per roll - doesn't sound like much, but over the 2,000 rolls we need, it starts to add up.  Plus another good thing about getting it straight from the turf farm it is freshly cut that morning, so it is laid within a couple of hours of being cut.

The only downside to picking it up from the turf farm - we have to literally pick it up where it has been cut in the paddock and oh my goodness those turf rolls are heavy.

Saturday we started with 100 rolls

50 rolls

Another 50 rolls

Before turfing


Sunday  another 100 rolls from the farm.  

The side of the house before turfing


What do you think??? I love it. Can't wait to put some more down next weekend. 


  1. grass makes such a big difference to the house, looking good.

    How much per meter are you getting the turf for?

  2. That's a great idea, we will do the same. Thanks for your advice, I love reading your blog.