Monday, August 12, 2013

Earth Works

Remember when the bobcat got bogged in the backyard. I swear it hasn't stopped raining since then and the mud out the back of the house has been getting worse.   Everyone that comes to the house makes the same comment "you have your work cut out for you with this block"  I don't tend to take too much notice now and reply "ït is nothing that a bit of turf can't cover"

Two weeks ago when I was at work my boss (who has also just built a house) asked if I wanted some of his fill.  My block is all clay, but his block (3/4 of an acre) is lovely black soil, so after taking a quick look that it was devoid of clay matter, I jumped at the chance to take it.

His pile of dirt, turned out to be about 100 tonnes - 20 tipper truck loads of black goodness.

Just some of the dirt that we received

Last Saturday our trusty bobcat man Craig came over to work his magic.  First he was going to scrape off all the clay mud that we had on the surface, so that we would have a chance for it to dry out

Once all the mud was scraped off using the excavator (so that he didn't get bogged) Craig moved onto the bobcat and started moving all of the dry fill that we had received.

11.5 hours of hard work and our backyard was unrecognisable

Next job turf!!!!


  1. What a difference, looks great.

    Lucky for the free top soil, what a life saver.

    1. It was a life saver - thank goodness it was free. I would hate to add up the cost for all that top soil if we had to pay for it.

  2. Looks great! Only piece of advice I would give is to consider how the water is going to get away from the house after rain.I like to get the water away as quickly as possible with subterranean drainage - slotted pipe and rubble trenches.
    I have installed a 400 x 400 trench along the lowside of the house direct to the street. Filled it with aggregate and covered with drainage fabric. It is amazing the volume of water that escape using this method. It was recommended by our landscaper. Feel free to pop round and have a look if you like, some of the trench is still uncovered.