Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 85 - Bricks Day 2

Fantastic progress today!! These brick layers are quick! Half of the original bricks that were delivered have now been used, which means that about 4,000 bricks have been laid in two days. That is pretty good going.

They have finished the side of the house they started yesterday

They have bricked the back of the house, not that there is too much to brick there as it has two three metre stacker doors.

The other side of the house is nearly complete as well.

My kitchen splashback window.

They have bricked up to the 5th bedroom ensuite, just the home theatre to be completed and then they will start on the front of the house. I am hoping the front of the house will be bricked tomorrow.

One of the things that I have noticed, apart from the bricklayers being fast, they are NEAT.  I cannot fault their brickwork at all.  My SS assured me that they were very good and they were the team that completed the show homes at Waterford County - I can see why he sings their praises.

Thank you Rawson, I know I whinge when the site is vacant, but I can't fault the tradies that you hire. So far everyone that has been on our site has been fantastic!!!

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