Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 79 - Broken Promises

On Tuesday I was promised that we would have bricklayers on site, Wednesday or Thursday at the very latest.

Yesterday I went past the block and nothing.

Today, being Thursday was the day that they were going to be there without fail. I drove past on my way to work. No one was there

Mat went past when he woke up - still no one.  I rung the SS to be told that they had broken down, but they were coming, they would be there I promise.

I think my text to the SS this afternoon sums it up "bricklayers didn't show today"

Another broken promise. Excuses are starting to get old.  I want to be Rawson's biggest fan, I want to shout their praises, but at the moment I am annoyed and disappointed.

My list of promises

1. You will have a frame and slab by the end of November - didn't happen -  slab only
2. You will be bricked and roof started by Christmas - didnt happen - frames only
3. You will have ground floor bricks completed before Christmas - didn't happen - see above.
4. You will have bricklayers before Christmas - didnt happen - see above
5. You will have bricklayers start first thing on 7th - didn't happen, it is now 17th and still waiting
6. Bricklayers will start Wednesday, but definitely Thursday at the latest - DIDN'T HAPPEN!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 40 degrees, I doubt we will have bricklayers tomorrow either. I am at the point where I can't be bothered to ring and check.

I keep trying to look at the bigger picture, but when your neighbours stop you and ask if everything is OK as your site has been vacant for so long it is hard.

Day 79 - trades on site 15 days. Vacant days 64


  1. If Rawson read your blog, then they have set their care-factor to zero. Did you make a payment? That seems to be when builders lose interest. Hope there is improvement soon!

  2. As long as they build the house within the contact days. its fustrating but think of the bigger picture.